Who am I

Born in the 80’s and raised in a humble family background. Though our roots belong to Bengal my family had made Hyderabad their home and so did I.

Being a pseudo Bengali who can speak in Telugu which has it’s own advantages.

Now you will want to know why travel!!! Well, I think since a kid we always had the privilege to travel during our summer vacations. I think that is where my memory pension began its accumulation point.

The credit will and should go to my dad who always had the energy and the patience to take us all for summer vacation trips in the day and age where there were no online booking, no internet, no cheap flights, no google maps to check, no web reviews of the places we planned to visit.  Hats off to him to ensure we always had a great time travelling.

I remember my family mentioning my first road trip was when I was just a few months old!!! Now you know why the road calls me so often.

Zooming to the 2000’s – I never gave up an reason to travel. Have travelled in various modes – bus, railways, cars, flights and motorcycles.

Now after so many miles – I have realised that riding a motorcycle to a destination has its own charm.

This blog is dedicated to my travel memories that I have accumulated over the years, in a hope that I inspire people to stop dreaming of their favourite road trip and just go for it.

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Thanks for your ultimate patience for reaching the end of the write-up!!

“Get inspired, keep inspiring”

Dhruv Dutta

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