Chasing the windmills

Do you know you can find an amazing view just a few kms away from Hyderabad.

Rangapur Thanda Rd – this is the place approximately 75-80 kms from Hyderabad, where you can experience the best views of the windmills atop a small hillock.

This is the 360 view of the location!

Best time to visit it early morning. Can spend the time walking around the place clicking some amazing pictures of the landscape that resemble any top destination hill stations 😊.

If you have the right attitude and machine, then can explore the less explored roads created by the local animals (don’t get excited these are only goats and cows).

The off-road trail

It has a decently long stretch of offroad trail that leads straight to the windmill, they are not as might as the ones I have seen at least but enough to keep you excited to reach one of them.

So plan and enjoy the views! Just make sure don’t venture when it rains until you’re a pro off-roader and have backup to get you out of slush.

Have fun and keep riding!!

Weekend Ride — Bhongir Fort

Bhongir Fort

A marvelous 11th Century fort. Still standing strong to tell its story.

A perfect getaway from the city to witness this marvellous creation by Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya IV.

It’s about 50+ kms from Hyderabad city and depending on traffic takes not more than couple of hours. The uniqueness of this fort is – it’s built on a monolithic rock about 500 meters high.

Standing tall after many centuries this now has become an adobe for the rock climbers – there is a rock-climbing club located at the fort.

To view the fort, one has to make some effort!! These are the stairs to be conquered, I guess by looks of it they have evolved and made more modern. Though this is not a major hike. Once you’re up the first flight of stairs you start to get the amazing view of the town. A very contrasting view one side is all concrete jungle and the other is farmlands.

Once you reach the top of the rock you witness of what is left of the fort. But still standing tall to tell it’s own tale. Nothing much you can do on the top except enjoy the view and click pictures with the royal background.

There used to be a radio station at the top of the fort – I am sure they had the fittest employees who worked there 😊.

This is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset provided you visit in winters other seasons might not be that pleasant to wait for it 😊.  

This is a fun place to ride , drive to enjoy a good time with your family or friends (just make sure no one has issues with their knees 😁

Do share and leave your comments of your experience of visiting the fort.

Bugga waterfalls

A perfect day ride to have some fun riding on the highway, village roads, rocks and hell yeah take a dip in a waterfall. All this which is just couple of hours away from Hyderabad.

Bugga waterfalls!! Am sure not many have even heard of the name of the place .

And it turned out to be a place with no sign boards 😊

The picture shows you how to get there?

This is where you get your free parking

Just a couple of hours ride towards Nalgonda from Hyderabad. You will find your self- among the best the nature can offer. A little off the highway and then a slight off road trail with some rough patches of road lands you a perfect trail to ride on some rock formations that lead all the way to the flowing stream.

My advise park, freshen up and gear up to trek. The water is clean and refreshing that will get you ready for a quick trek down the walking path and rocks to reach the actual waterfalls.

Some trail pictures to reach the final destination

YES!! Then you reach the amazing Bugga waterfalls, (again statutory warning this is Nalgonda not Niagara). Am amazing spot to spend sometime with nature, I suggest don’t be too adventurous as there is little or no help available immediately around and end of the day you want to have some fun!

We were unprepared for this trip- but the first thing that comes to one’s mind is perfect destination that offers enough adventure ideas like to pitch a camp and light a bonfire, some lip-smacking BBQ early morning sunrise, a quick dip in the water……………….4

Let’s keep that for another day!

A must visit place for all the adventure seeking folks who are looking to explore places around Hyderabad.

Ride partners for the amazing ride!

Ram uncle, Dheeraj, Abhishek and @ddridestories

Few more pictures which should inspire to saddle up and ride!

Mallela Thirtham Waterfall

A gem of a place located on the Srisailam highway about 180 KMS from Hyderabad.

If you like to wake up early and are game to soak on some free vitamin D, then this is the perfect place to visit.

We started our ride from pillar number 48 PVNR express way; The ride started off at 7 am with some winter chill still left in the air, the sun slowly coming out but was still humble with its intensity.

You ride through the nice pristine tar roads towards Srisailam.

First pitstop was for breakfast, we had some nice and fresh south Indian breakfast which was complimented with some inhouse Chinese tea 😊

The food was good would not say lip smacking by enough to hold on to.

And then we set out for our next pitstop on the way, Dindi dam- a nice short ride destination if you want to just get away from the hustle of the city life to spend some calm time at the dam. (Note: nothing much to do around Dindi dam though)

Continue riding on the clean straight roads, marinated with some sexy curves when you go up the hills. It’s green all around and some friendly visits by our ancestors, smart enough to wait near the speed breakers to seek attention or rather in hope to find some food (strictly my advice – please don’t feed them).

Then you take a quick left and enter a small hamlet that takes you closer to your destination. This is where you leave behind the tar and welcome the hard road, there will be a quick stop to be made to pay entry fee. Then it’s about 6-7 kms of pristine off-road that is real fun to reach the entry gate.

You enter you park!! Make sure all your belongings are kept safe not only from monkeys but humans as well 😊

You enter you park!! Make sure all your belongings are kept safe not only from monkeys but humans as well 😊

Once you settle down you need to gear up to take a few flight of stairs to reach the waterfalls (not too many steps just about 350 odd stairs).

Once you reach down you can hear the waterfalls and start to feel the mist in the air.

Though it stands tall, it’s no Niagara Falls, but again Niagara Falls is just a few thousand miles away. Let’s show you what we saw when we visited in the month of Feb. the water depends on the season so expect something new when you plan to visit post reading this.

Some picture of the amazing place, note there were some locals mentioning that summers does attract animals near the moat, even tigers.

Now that you have experience the mighty Mallela Thirtham Falls. It’s time for us to help you find some calories back that you would have burnt taking the flight of stairs up.

We had an amazing lunch thanks to aunty at KPR. I highly recommend that you eat there. Specials she made was the chicken fry, chicken curry and the anda burji was a killer too.

The ride back is always not as exciting as it was in the morning, but boys need to be back home 😊

We started back from Mallela Thirtham post lunch at 3:00 PM and were at our respective homes by 6:30 PM. (Note this all depends on the amount of traffic)

The riders pack





Srikanth +1


  • Start 7:00 AM

  • Breakfast 10:00 AM

  • Waterfalls 12:30 PM

  • Lunch 2:00 PM

  • Start back home 3:00 PM

  • Reached home 6:30 PM

Off-road adventure – Northern Thailand

One of the best memories made in the memory pension.

The journey buddies– Waranyu – Andy- GT – Qball – Dilip

An experience of riding a motorcycle where there is no TAR on roads – it’s only trails that cometh your way to ensure that you have an exhilarating experience on 2 wheels.

This entire trip was credit to Motorbike Thailand spear headed by Andy.
We were a group of 5 riders from different nationalities – Indian, Thailand, UK, New Zeeland & USA.

But all were united with one notion of riding!!!!

The journey was to finding the trails among the jungles and the small hamlets of local Thai villages, leading all the way to the Burma border and back.

The best part of the ride was the learning experiences – how to manage and preserve the bike in difficult circumstances – don’t lose focus while riding and keep living the experience which will remain for rest of your life.

For some this is routine and for some this is adventure but when even the routine becomes an adventure that is where the fun lies.

The ride is filled with experiences of riding through the jungle roads, river crossings, waving at the locals, amazing local food complimented with the warmth of the locals.

Some of the key highlights of the rides with some picture and memories enticing you to plan the ride

I assure you this will be an experience that will let you take a break from the hustle of the urban jungle – The experience gives you an opportunity to be self with nature and fall in love with the bike that you’re riding.

Finding the trails among the Chiang Mai Jungles
Deep in the woods
Riding back from Thailand – Burma Border
Slush Roads

When the Tigers called.. Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Weekend getaway from Hyderabad makes it even more exciting when you plan to ride on 2 wheels.

Some amazing memories made during this trip. This was also one of the first road trips of beloved Calvin @calvinthelab

Now the coming to the memory pension bank!

The ride started early morning with the sun just setting up for the day making the highway light up for the perfect ride to the town of Nirmal.

With a distance of 280 Kms approximately with a nice and smooth road to tackle all the way you need to keep a pace of about 6 hours in hand to make sure you reach to enjoy the lunch.

The tourism hotel is not a very luxurious place, but an amazing place nestled between the forest reserve.

Away from the city music and lights

Now the place is a perfect place for some nice evening BBQ which making the evening even more eventful. We did carry the marinated food from Hyderabad – just make sure that you store them well when you travel 😊.

With some amazing chicken, paneer and veggies we set the night on fire to fill our urge of hunger along with some food from the restaurant.

Now you need to be an early riser to make sure you make the most of the jungle safari. If your lucky you can catch some of the wild animals near the moat they have created deep in the jungle. This is the same jungle that leads to the Tadoba Tiger reserve on the other end of the forest. Though there is a road connecting within the jungle but that’s for the privileged ones.

But we did manage to get some amount of privilege to ride among the jungles which was one of the best rides. As you can only hear your engine thumping in alignment with the heartbeat.

This is a trip one should plan for sure – its an amazing place. Now they have an amazing safari that is being run by the forest department.

Share your stories when you travel!!!


Meghalaya Diaries

Riding >> Solo >> Among the Hills

Over 800 KMS among some untraveled roads of Meghalaya...... 

It all started with some planning !!! and the pension scheme for North East ride was ready

The first step was to pack the bags for a _ days –

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@Ahija Bike Rental – was the place to hit straight from the Airport – and they were prompt in keeping the HIMALAYAN ready to be saddled………….. Amazing team


12th May early morning with the bags packed and on the way to one of the wettest place in the world “Cheerapunjee”

On the way was welcomed by Bhrampatura River while entering and exiting Shillong ………….

Shillong passed and then entered the East Khasi Hills reaching my destination among the valley “Cascade Home Stay”  an amazing place with the complete view of ”Dainthlen Falls” – which has a Snake story behind its origin

I was oblivious of technology as a recent cyclone had take away the modern fixtures – absolute no power and nothing but to enjoy the nature and the bliss that the place had. Had 2 little buddies who were there to entertain with their tails wagging…………


With zero connectivity and no connection with the friends lists………….. I headed out to check one of natures beauty – “Double Root Bridge” – This is about 30 Kms from where I was and it was an amazing ride among the valleys filled with green cover and curves all the way.

The trek down is pretty easy- just that you have to tackle 3000 odd steps with about 90% humidity – just that and then you reach to see a marvel that will bring in all the energy you need to be recharged as in when you reach you see that clear water and all you can think of is to jump in it…….so did I 😊

Trek up was less motivating as hunger games were being played with the acid build up in the stomach waiting to digest some good food ASAP……. After a 3 hour trek up and reaching the top – one would end up eating just about anything you can get hands on and I found some delicious food in “The Crescent Hotel” Nohkalikai Rd. Sohra Market(Cherra Bazaar – Don’t ask what I ate though —-

The night was entertained with the 2 puppies, David and his team along with some live music , bonfire – different story that the bonfire disappeared once the storm came inn……….

Day 4

Time to bid adios to David and head out to Tura – Another small town which is less known and very close to our country’s neighbour Bangladesh

The ride was awesome as the had some perfectly laid roads with the right angels and views were breath-taking on the way ………………………………..

The pitstop enroute to Tura became more advetreous where I found accommodation in a small town called Rongjeng – amazingly warm people who came to help me find a place food and drinks and I made a big bunch of friends who were so happy to share the evening over some lovely snacks and beer – friends who are still in touch 😊

The IP Bunglow was the night stop – perfectly haunted place filled with all sorts of wildlife – huge lizards making their presence felt – but fortunately none decided to visit 😊

Day 5

With a calm and peaceful stay in the IP Bungalow – headed my way to Tura – A town crowded but amazingly disciplined with traffic rules

The pitstop and the most lavish stay Hotel Polo Orchid. Amazing place with some lovely staff who were surprised I landed there that too Solo that too on a Bike – I was like an item on display for their hotel staff- but that helped me fish for local food – and on my the options of meats are amazing there and I just ate and ate and ate right from the time I reached Tura-

With good food comes Pelga Falls – man I was astonished to find that I was only tourist there who had come to visit the place and it was such a calm and amazing place to be at – no one to around and you cross a bamboo bridge watch the water fall and enjoy the symphony of nature in your own company.

Day 6

Plan was to trek – but Double root bridge had drained my dreams of trekking

Day 7

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Grand Canyon of India ; Gandikota

The Grand Canyon of India – Believe me, it is

“A must visit place”

If you want a break and have a great time with nature this is the place to be over the weekend.

When you know and when you can explore – so me and my buddy set to check the place and more importantly have some fun!!!

The ride begins with a quick check on the bike and riding gear + the packing for the trip.

Day- 1

We meet at the PVNR Expressway pillar no 49! When you decided to meet at 5:30 AM that too for a holiday some tea is needed to start the day off.

The roads are smooth as butter you reach Jedcherla – most of the times this is the stop we have for a cup of coffee and breakfast and let the engines some rest. Then head to the cross the bridge @Beechupalli – taking us to Kurnool. When on a holiday and want to have fun have lunch (Note: when your riding don’t eat too much as you have to sit on a bike remember 😊)

And then the final hurdle comes taking us closer to the destination is the last town to the destination @ Jammalamadugu (yes, the name is like a tongue twister)

Cometh the lazy ride we had we reached on time to see the sunset behind Charminar – Yes, you heard it right there is a replica of sorts of Charminar at the Gandikota fort. The view was amazing and energised us for the evening + the night skies filled with stars + the distant windmills that can be viewed in the haze of the moonlight. (The night we were there it was the 13th + Friday + REDMOON)

Parked and rest is what is in order to make the most of Day 2.

We began early on Day2 to ensure we can cover every corner of the amazing place and oh boy we did.

First, that attracted us was how big the windmills are and wanted to see them up close – so we set on to check how might and big it can be & I tell you they are huge and stand tall – a real piece of engineering.

Now that the Windmill mystery was done – that unfolded another one – my eyes lit riding the @impulse when I saw a patch of off-road – it was an amazing piece of ride figured it was 18 Kms and ended at a temple to bless us – but the humble impulse was always ready to conquer – not so much for the bullet500 – so we took turns to explore and enjoy the off-road for a couple of hours and the local villagers were amused as usual seeing us enjoy bad roads 😊

When the morning exercise was done it was time for some calories to be added for rest of the day – watch the video for the amazing food we had for breakfast – (Note for travellers there are very limited options for food available there ). Don’t worry when you have the will there is a way. We made friends with the local family who runs a small food joint to prepare us some specialised lunch – and oh boy- they did make us the best meal of the ride for lunch – (again you have to check the video 😍

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With still some time left in hand and nothing much to do in the Swiss tents we were staying – then I saw the road on the other side of the canyon and guessed right we set to explore how are tents looked from that side of the canyon – we crossed the tongue twister village again but with a different destination in mind and oh man we did make it to the top and got a breathtaking off-road track again to have some fun with the dust flying around- (Note this soon will become a tar road for the ropeway that the govt is building) so we explored it 👍✌ – riding with the setting sun was like the long day with some many memories had to come to a stall and called in for some rest.

So, all we did is catch some sleep in the swiss tent with the air conditioner in full blast 😊

Day 3

Well, there was nothing much to write about day 3 – it was a smooth ride back to Hyderabad – welcomed by some late evening showers cleaning the dust we had gathered in our ride to be fresh and clean to get back the normal routine.

Recap: Things you can do @Gandikota

  • Experience the Canyon
  • Visit the Fort and the surrounding places
  • Take loads of pictures
  • Trek around the canyon
  • Kayaking
  • Swim in river Penna
  • Check the windmills standing tall
  • Enjoy some local food
  • Camping
  • Stargazing
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