Chasing the windmills

Do you know you can find an amazing view just a few kms away from Hyderabad.

Rangapur Thanda Rd – this is the place approximately 75-80 kms from Hyderabad, where you can experience the best views of the windmills atop a small hillock.

This is the 360 view of the location!

Best time to visit it early morning. Can spend the time walking around the place clicking some amazing pictures of the landscape that resemble any top destination hill stations 😊.

If you have the right attitude and machine, then can explore the less explored roads created by the local animals (don’t get excited these are only goats and cows).

The off-road trail

It has a decently long stretch of offroad trail that leads straight to the windmill, they are not as might as the ones I have seen at least but enough to keep you excited to reach one of them.

So plan and enjoy the views! Just make sure don’t venture when it rains until you’re a pro off-roader and have backup to get you out of slush.

Have fun and keep riding!!


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