Weekend Ride — Bhongir Fort

Bhongir Fort

A marvelous 11th Century fort. Still standing strong to tell its story.

A perfect getaway from the city to witness this marvellous creation by Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya IV.

It’s about 50+ kms from Hyderabad city and depending on traffic takes not more than couple of hours. The uniqueness of this fort is – it’s built on a monolithic rock about 500 meters high.

Standing tall after many centuries this now has become an adobe for the rock climbers – there is a rock-climbing club located at the fort.

To view the fort, one has to make some effort!! These are the stairs to be conquered, I guess by looks of it they have evolved and made more modern. Though this is not a major hike. Once you’re up the first flight of stairs you start to get the amazing view of the town. A very contrasting view one side is all concrete jungle and the other is farmlands.

Once you reach the top of the rock you witness of what is left of the fort. But still standing tall to tell it’s own tale. Nothing much you can do on the top except enjoy the view and click pictures with the royal background.

There used to be a radio station at the top of the fort – I am sure they had the fittest employees who worked there 😊.

This is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset provided you visit in winters other seasons might not be that pleasant to wait for it 😊.  

This is a fun place to ride , drive to enjoy a good time with your family or friends (just make sure no one has issues with their knees 😁

Do share and leave your comments of your experience of visiting the fort.

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