Off-road adventure – Northern Thailand

One of the best memories made in the memory pension.

The journey buddies– Waranyu – Andy- GT – Qball – Dilip

An experience of riding a motorcycle where there is no TAR on roads – it’s only trails that cometh your way to ensure that you have an exhilarating experience on 2 wheels.

This entire trip was credit to Motorbike Thailand spear headed by Andy.
We were a group of 5 riders from different nationalities – Indian, Thailand, UK, New Zeeland & USA.

But all were united with one notion of riding!!!!

The journey was to finding the trails among the jungles and the small hamlets of local Thai villages, leading all the way to the Burma border and back.

The best part of the ride was the learning experiences – how to manage and preserve the bike in difficult circumstances – don’t lose focus while riding and keep living the experience which will remain for rest of your life.

For some this is routine and for some this is adventure but when even the routine becomes an adventure that is where the fun lies.

The ride is filled with experiences of riding through the jungle roads, river crossings, waving at the locals, amazing local food complimented with the warmth of the locals.

Some of the key highlights of the rides with some picture and memories enticing you to plan the ride

I assure you this will be an experience that will let you take a break from the hustle of the urban jungle – The experience gives you an opportunity to be self with nature and fall in love with the bike that you’re riding.

Finding the trails among the Chiang Mai Jungles
Deep in the woods
Riding back from Thailand – Burma Border
Slush Roads

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