When the Tigers called.. Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Weekend getaway from Hyderabad makes it even more exciting when you plan to ride on 2 wheels.

Some amazing memories made during this trip. This was also one of the first road trips of beloved Calvin @calvinthelab

Now the coming to the memory pension bank!

The ride started early morning with the sun just setting up for the day making the highway light up for the perfect ride to the town of Nirmal.

With a distance of 280 Kms approximately with a nice and smooth road to tackle all the way you need to keep a pace of about 6 hours in hand to make sure you reach to enjoy the lunch.

The tourism hotel is not a very luxurious place, but an amazing place nestled between the forest reserve.

Away from the city music and lights

Now the place is a perfect place for some nice evening BBQ which making the evening even more eventful. We did carry the marinated food from Hyderabad – just make sure that you store them well when you travel 😊.

With some amazing chicken, paneer and veggies we set the night on fire to fill our urge of hunger along with some food from the restaurant.

Now you need to be an early riser to make sure you make the most of the jungle safari. If your lucky you can catch some of the wild animals near the moat they have created deep in the jungle. This is the same jungle that leads to the Tadoba Tiger reserve on the other end of the forest. Though there is a road connecting within the jungle but that’s for the privileged ones.

But we did manage to get some amount of privilege to ride among the jungles which was one of the best rides. As you can only hear your engine thumping in alignment with the heartbeat.

This is a trip one should plan for sure – its an amazing place. Now they have an amazing safari that is being run by the forest department.

Share your stories when you travel!!!


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