Grand Canyon of India ; Gandikota

The Grand Canyon of India – Believe me, it is

“A must visit place”

If you want a break and have a great time with nature this is the place to be over the weekend.

When you know and when you can explore – so me and my buddy set to check the place and more importantly have some fun!!!

The ride begins with a quick check on the bike and riding gear + the packing for the trip.

Day- 1

We meet at the PVNR Expressway pillar no 49! When you decided to meet at 5:30 AM that too for a holiday some tea is needed to start the day off.

The roads are smooth as butter you reach Jedcherla – most of the times this is the stop we have for a cup of coffee and breakfast and let the engines some rest. Then head to the cross the bridge @Beechupalli – taking us to Kurnool. When on a holiday and want to have fun have lunch (Note: when your riding don’t eat too much as you have to sit on a bike remember 😊)

And then the final hurdle comes taking us closer to the destination is the last town to the destination @ Jammalamadugu (yes, the name is like a tongue twister)

Cometh the lazy ride we had we reached on time to see the sunset behind Charminar – Yes, you heard it right there is a replica of sorts of Charminar at the Gandikota fort. The view was amazing and energised us for the evening + the night skies filled with stars + the distant windmills that can be viewed in the haze of the moonlight. (The night we were there it was the 13th + Friday + REDMOON)

Parked and rest is what is in order to make the most of Day 2.

We began early on Day2 to ensure we can cover every corner of the amazing place and oh boy we did.

First, that attracted us was how big the windmills are and wanted to see them up close – so we set on to check how might and big it can be & I tell you they are huge and stand tall – a real piece of engineering.

Now that the Windmill mystery was done – that unfolded another one – my eyes lit riding the @impulse when I saw a patch of off-road – it was an amazing piece of ride figured it was 18 Kms and ended at a temple to bless us – but the humble impulse was always ready to conquer – not so much for the bullet500 – so we took turns to explore and enjoy the off-road for a couple of hours and the local villagers were amused as usual seeing us enjoy bad roads 😊

When the morning exercise was done it was time for some calories to be added for rest of the day – watch the video for the amazing food we had for breakfast – (Note for travellers there are very limited options for food available there ). Don’t worry when you have the will there is a way. We made friends with the local family who runs a small food joint to prepare us some specialised lunch – and oh boy- they did make us the best meal of the ride for lunch – (again you have to check the video 😍

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With still some time left in hand and nothing much to do in the Swiss tents we were staying – then I saw the road on the other side of the canyon and guessed right we set to explore how are tents looked from that side of the canyon – we crossed the tongue twister village again but with a different destination in mind and oh man we did make it to the top and got a breathtaking off-road track again to have some fun with the dust flying around- (Note this soon will become a tar road for the ropeway that the govt is building) so we explored it 👍✌ – riding with the setting sun was like the long day with some many memories had to come to a stall and called in for some rest.

So, all we did is catch some sleep in the swiss tent with the air conditioner in full blast 😊

Day 3

Well, there was nothing much to write about day 3 – it was a smooth ride back to Hyderabad – welcomed by some late evening showers cleaning the dust we had gathered in our ride to be fresh and clean to get back the normal routine.

Recap: Things you can do @Gandikota

  • Experience the Canyon
  • Visit the Fort and the surrounding places
  • Take loads of pictures
  • Trek around the canyon
  • Kayaking
  • Swim in river Penna
  • Check the windmills standing tall
  • Enjoy some local food
  • Camping
  • Stargazing

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